New Colors| Batting Gloves | Arm Sleeves| Packaging

We were so busy in the month of July that we almost forgot to update you on what we have done!

New Colors

After an overwhelming request for some new colors, we got every color that we could. Some colors we couldn’t get because our special material can only be made in certain colors. Check out our custom strap builder in our shop!

Batting Gloves & Arm Sleeves

The next step is for us to create quality, custom batting gloves, and arm sleeves. We had to change manufacturers for our batting gloves which is the main cause for the delay. By winter we should have the batting gloves in and tested! Let us know what you would like to see. Comment below and let us know!

New Packaging

If you have ordered anything custom from us you would know that our packaging is a premium matte black bubble envelope. Well, we thought we would change it up and make it white. The next 100 orders will be in white until we change it again. Oh, and did you know that each custom order comes with a Zules Customs decal?

Lower Shipping Cost

We have lowered our priority mail shipping cost so you can get your straps quicker and cheaper!

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