About Us

Zules Customs LLC is an independently owned and operated company created in the great state of New York. Over the years we saw professional players around the world receiving custom equipment and gear from professional companies. Our goal is to provide personalization to your sports gear at an affordable price. We offer a fast turnaround time with all work done in the USA. Nick, the owner of the company has been customizing products for himself and his teammates for the past 6 years.

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Our Timeline

JUNE 2016

Zules Customs unofficially created. @zulescusotms claimed everywhere on social media. Started to cut out paper printed designs and spray paint over it. Lets just say it didn’t do anything.

August 2016

First official sample tested successfully. First sale. Customs created using block numbers and letters. Designs were limited to a character limit and 2 colors.

January 2017

Website created with custom product builder. Custom straps were Evoshield only and had to be shipped in to be customized. Colors online were limited. Version 2 customs were thus created. Limited colors, any font, one color designs.

March 2017

Custom straps were all built with evoshield straps. Purchased directly from the company. More colors added to our customs.

August 2017

First professional order done for Eric Young Jr.

June 2017

We created our own straps with 11 different designs, black and white straps, logo on the rubber end. Officially registered Zules Customs as an LLC in New York and trademarked the name Zules Customs with the USPTO. Version 3 customs created.

December 2017

Zules Customs works with Duke and Georgia Universitycreating over 60 straps for division 1 Duke.

March 2018

Two more straps added to the Zules Customs strap lineup. Red and Blue rubber ends on a white strap.

April 2018

Zules Customs Amazon store created. New product added for leg straps. Customized toe strap attachment.

December 2018

Zules Customs teams up with Duke University for the second consecutive year.

January 2019

Zules Customs launches custom bat knob decals and custom jaeger band straps to custom product line. Strap designs now printed. More flags added to custom strap line.

MARCH 2019

Zules Customs launches Dominican Republic and Mexico name straps to our product builder.